International recognition!

Meta IT is present in yet another significant award, and this time, it's international

Simone Lettieri, our CDO, winner at the Women In Tech Awards


Women in Tech Awards

In constant development and in search of innovation, Meta IT has won another significant international award this time. Our CDO, Simone Lettieri, received the Global Leadership category award at the regional edition of WOMEN IN TECH ®- Global Movement. This category honors an exemplary female leader who has demonstrated excellent leadership skills, driven transformative changes, and made a significant global impact! This is yet another major recognition, now on a worldwide scale, of the digital transformation made here at Meta IT.

Simone was the only executive nominated in two categories. In addition to being the TOP 1 in Global Leadership, she is also among the TOP 5 in the Lifetime Achievement category, which pays tribute to women who dedicate their careers to the technology industry, leaving a lasting legacy.

The award is an initiative of the WOMEN IN TECH ®- Global Movement, an international organization with a mission to promote gender equality and recognize women in technology. The NGO conducts activities worldwide and has over 200,000 members. It is the only organization for women in technology that has programs for every stage of a woman’s life: from the classroom to the boardroom.

Simone Lettieri - Global Leadership Women In Tech Award Winner 2023

Meta IT is the only company in our industry with a representative in the region. Simone was awarded for the successful case she leads in the digital transformation of Meta IT itself, reinforcing the commitment not only to clients but to all professionals in the company. The project has been previously recognized at Agile Trends 2023 and the IT Forum in 2022.

This international recognition reaffirms Meta IT’s journey of evolution in recent years. This internal digital transformation case, led by Simone and the entire Digital team, demonstrates the company’s ability to structure internally what we offer to our clients. We are the only consultancy in Brazil that applies all the concepts of digital transformation, testing our business model, to work with increasing excellence for our clients.

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Meta IT is a company with over 30 years in the market that opened its operations in North America in 2020. It offers digital transformation consulting and services, implementing technology solutions that accelerate results for large and mid-sized companies globally and supporting organizations and enterprises to rethink and update their business models. The company plans and executes projects that simplify the end-to-end digital transformation journey through strategic consulting, software development, application sustainment, SAP technologies, automation, also known as RPA, staff augmentation, and agile squads.